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Depositions: To Quote the American Guild of Court Videographers, If a witness is important enough to be called at a trial but cannot attend, the best solution is a videotaped deposition.

Day-in-the-Life Documentaries: A Day-in-the-Life Documentary shows the consequences of an injury sustained by the plaintiff from an incident. A Day-in-the-Life Documentary that fairly, honestly, objectively and accurately portrays the plaintiffs altered lifestyles, lets the injury and its effect speak for itself.

Settlement Documentaries: Unlike a Day-in-the Life Documentary, Settlement Documentaries have no restrictions on content. They are to be used only in the discovery phase of a lawsuit to show the opposing party that they cant win.

Video Wills: What a great way to prove the mental state of the testator and prove the testimony was made voluntarily and without any improper inducement.

Proof of Damages: Videotaping the scenes of incidents is the best way to show the extent of damage that has occurred from natural disasters to man made damage. Videotaping will show the damage.

Pre-Construction Video Surveys: Protect yourself and your investments by videotaping before construction even starts. Then you can prove you or your client did not cause damages near or around a construction site.

Scenes of Incidents: The best way to prove to a jury that something is/was dangerous is to show them. Is it practical to take the court to the scene? Probably not, so why not take the scene to the courtroom? Videotaping is faster and cheaper.

Videotaping Construction Draws: Banks want proof that certain parts of a project are completed before paying the construction companies. We can provide that proof or show that the work is not completed.

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